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  • The whole problem stems from us prioritizing the species over each other. When we worry about genes or humanity as a concept, we miss out on the billions of people that actually matter. If we all choose to not reproduce, instead focusing on making the most of our lives, it’d be better than our descendants living enslaved by a societal machine till heat death. We think about the forest instead of the trees, when the former only exists for the sake of the latter.

    The sad truth of capitalism is that not even the rich are in charge. The principles of accumulating power drive it, not the well being of wealthy families. If they escape the cycle and focus on their own happiness, someone else replaces them. It’s power for the sake of power. Not even the dictator really matters, just their power.

  • A lot of damage has been done, and the lumpenproletariat is very, very stupid and wants to regard its political party the way it regards its gridiron football team. And it likes the propaganda that media feeds it. If we’re going to create a cohesive public-driven, public-serving government, we’ll have to invent some sociology that we don’t have yet.

    I don’t know if that’s fully possible. I think the tools are already here, but they’re just really hard to use. Even an effective ideology like Marxism couldn’t rise above the basic mechanisms of power and social dynamics. I don’t think we should look to transcend human nature, but work with it. No theory will change how life develops based on its environment, so we need to focus on changing that environment for the better rather than searching for the impossible. Ideas can’t save us by themselves anyhow.