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  • I can’t help but think most of the servers have been solved. The fix is a pain in the ass but it’s not like it’s monumentally difficult. Anything that’s in a server room with a remote access controller should be pretty straightforward.

    Kiosks, workstations, desktops are probably all going to happen in priority order. If somebody needs to run around with a key and unlock a door they’re probably just going to replace the storage. And they’re probably also waiting on that to happen in contract speed.

  • I’m not certain that it’s still the case but several years ago Outlook for Mac was incapable of handling certain aspects of calendars in public folders shared groups and there was some difficulty with delegation send as.

    At the time the best answer I had was for the Mac users to use Outlook as much as possible and then log into webmail when they needed to send us. It’s been a few years so I can’t help but think it’s been fixed by now. Or the very least equally broken on PC.

  • Just because I daily drive Linux doesn’t mean I don’t have windows around.

    I have used every version of Windows all the way up to 11.

    My first attempt at Linux was in the days of Windows 3.1

    My first successful conversion over to daily driver was in the XP era

    I went Mac for a couple years around the windows 8 time frame.

    I change jobs and went back to windows for a a few around win10.

    I went back to daily driving Linux and the windows 11 era, but I still have three win 10 boxes and a win 11 box that I use pretty regularly.