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  • I’m pointing out the aspect of worshipping a person, not the goodness or badness of that person.

    Lmao, that’s not what I’m saying. He loves attention, absolutely. I’m commenting on his personal feelings about being shot at and wounded, not his feelings of being adored. Trump talks a big game about violence but can’t stomach being a part of it himself. He famously dodged the draft by faking bone spurs and has called wounded and disabled veterans ‘disgusting’. I don’t think he enjoys people highlighting the fact he almost died by drawing attention to his injury from it.

    He likes being able to say he was the victim of a shooting, but he likely does not see actually getting hit a flattering quality. Like for the shoe, he didn’t even pick the famous photo from that day, he picked an objectively worse one where his ear isn’t even shown and he’s posing just like he does at every rally. It it weren’t for a dribble of blood on his cheek this picture could be mistaken for any other day of his campaign.

    No, I don’t think he enjoys people taping gauze on their ears in reference to his injury.