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  • I don’t use 4chan, I just download the funny snipped things like this. I generally avoid most hyper political memes because those are the hardest to repost. They also age the hardest. No one cares about the fly on pences head anymore so I can’t post those.

    Not saying 4chan doesn’t have its problems or whatever, just my perspective for hoarding memes is I save what’s funny but also what I can repost elsewhere and for the longest time afterwards.

  • Trump doesn’t understand the question because he doesn’t understand doing things for the betterment of anyone but himself.

    For most of history, you didn’t ask “what’s in it for me” when the king/prime minister/ The Church/ or President came asking (country irrelevant). That’s a relatively new luxury due to perspective of the digital age and disagreements with (the US) Government due to transparency.

    For most of history “what’s in it for you” was actually getting fed and clothed better than the average peasant. Serving the king was what was in it because you didn’t have to sleep in pig shit and milk the cows every morning. You’d actually get fed for mealtimes instead of playing the barter game all summer and fall just to have enough food to store in salt barrels for winter. And even better, if you tickled enough enemy hearts with your pointy stick there WAS some land and money for you, provided you survived.

    Some countries through history also revere their veterans (with actual respect and benefits) so military service itself was the honor. While I understand it’s a dramatization -the beginning of Disney’s Mulan is a great display of it. Her father is it is '60s or '70s and has already served once and has a bad leg. The emperor sends out a call for war and the guards show up in town. When they call his name he sets aside his cane and picks up the summons because that’s what you did. It is what was expected of him and he did it without complaint.

  • Vermillion being red fucks a lot of millennials up who grew up watching Pokemon.

    Vermillion city not being a shade of yellow is the standout because it hosts the Electric Gym (yellow themed). Every other city’s gym is related to the town color.

    ::: spoiler

    • Rock Gym is Pewter city (gray)
    • water gym is Cerulean city (blue)
    • grass gym is Celadon city (greenish)
    • poison gym is Fuschia city (pinkish is commonly poison for pokemon)
    • the FIGHTING gym is in Saffron city (orange ish is a Fighting type color in the tcg)
    • Fire gym is on Cinnabar Island (bright red)
    • Earth Badge is in Viridian (an earthy green)

    Saffron City was built with the fighting gym in place. Sabrina’s psychic gym has JUST replaced him when you get to town


  • Police don’t but they often want a vehicle for SWAT related reasons, but SWAT trucks costs hundreds of thousands. Meanwhile MRAPs are “free”.

    Prosper, Texas is home to 40,000 people. In 2010 their population was under 10k. They have quadrupled in size and are near the DFW area, so it’s not really a surprise they took the 1033 offer for an MRAP. That said most of these decom’d heaps of shit are loathesomely expensive. “High Cost of Free MRAPs” by Strongtowns. Most MRAPs being given out are first and second gen versions. And for those first gens, they got sent to the front lines of the GWOT and got beat to shit while newer ones were tested and approved. These old models they’re “giving out for free” have tire drum parts never used on later versions, transmissions like that of an F650 with half the reliability, and are ticking time bombs of use. Most cities often estimate maintenance costs at $5k per year, until something actually breaks and they have to get a second MRAP to cannibalize to fix the first. (Hint - that’s why you often see them picked up in pairs or more)

    That’s before the optics. Petaluma, California has one and the police chief has even said “yeah it kinda has some bad optics sending police around in a former war machine”.

    If your city is wanting to pick one up, it’s because someone who has zero experience with them really likes the idea of a big scary diesel monster rolling up on drug houses, and hasn’t actually considered that if they can’t pony up thousands of tax dollars every 6 months to keep the moneymonster fed, the only place it’s gonna drive is into a storage shed.

    Edit: I should add that these vehicles are incredibly versatile and aren’t necessarily a bad thing for municipalities. With their ride height, sheer bulk, and high torque engines, Fire and rescue could probably make great use them in several cities. They make fantastic road clearing vehicles in the event of large accidents needing to move to the side of the road, or pushing debris out of the way. Additionally in flood prone areas they make very good rescue vehicles due to their ride height and “crew space” inside. They DO have value outside of terrorizing civilian populations, just that that’s all PDs will use them for.