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    That’s correct, Jim Jones was found with a bullet in his head. The coroner in Guyana concluded it was a suicide, although one of Jim Jones’ sons (all three were not at Jonestown at the time of the mass poisoning) has speculated that his father may have ordered one of his lackeys to shoot him in one final act of cowardice.

  • In other words, they produced a typical pre-campaign book, where the first rule is to do no harm. Somewhat unusually for the genre, that book, 2022’s Not My First Rodeo: Lessons from the Heartland, landed the South Dakota governor on the New York Times’ bestseller list, adding to the consensus that the Donald Trump devotee had a big future in GOP politics.

    What it didn’t do, of course, was spark a weeklong news cycle — and a round of obituaries for that same political future — by including a tale about Noem leading a 14-month-old wirehaired pointer named Cricket to a gravel pit and shooting him to death after he ruined a pheasant hunt and killed a neighbor’s chickens.

    This time around, Noem has a different team in place, as well as a different imprint, Hachette’s conservative-leaning Center Street. And the folks behind her new book, No Going Back, didn’t get in the way of sharing memories about gunning down an ill-trained puppy.

    Kirsti Noem’s publisher in 2022: “This is a horrible story. We can’t include this, Dick Cheney only got away with his hunting trip scandal because he shot a lawyer and not a puppy.”

    Kristi Noem’s new Conservative publisher in 2024: “People will be impressed with how tough you are on puppy crime.”